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Predators Coaching Philosophy

Over the last 15 years of coaching Combat Sports, I have been constantly developing and adjusting my coaching philosophy. Within the last couple of years, it has become more complete and concrete. I now use this philosophy, and refer back to it when necessary, to coach everyday, and it also influences my life outside of the Academy.

The basis of the philosophy is that everybody has their own unique personality and abilities, and as such I aim to teach everyone as an individual. Each part of the philosophy is there to ensure that I can help someone reach their own potential.

The philosophy is split into 2 parts, each with 3 sections. The first half is based on achieving excellence. If I aim for excellence in everything I teach, and the athlete looks to attain excellence in their development, then together we can attain excellence in terms of results and performance.

The second half is based on outlining how I can coach towards excellence. Firstly, I focus on the development of fundamental skills to develop a strong base. On top of that base, I aim to encourage the athlete to develop their own unique style, where I become much more of a guide than a teacher. The final area outlines how excellence can be achieved, which is through constant small improvements, similar to the Marginal Gains idea made famous by Dave Brailsford.

The footnote of the philosophy is the rules section, the 3 rules to bear in mind when applying the philosophy. These hopefully reinforce the important points of the philosophy as a whole.

The idea of this philosophy was originally just to give me a framework on which to work, but it has developed into much more than that. Hopefully, some of the ideas in here can be applied to your daily life and help you in some way outside of your training.

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13. Apr. 2018


I just wanted to let you know that we have featured you on our list of the best MMA gyms, clubs, and classes in the UK

We have included you due to the quality of your facilities and how highly you have been recommended.

Gefällt mir
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