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The Number 1 Takedown In MMA

The double leg takedown is the most common takedown in Wrestling and MMA.

MMA Fight DB looked at over 2,072 trips and throws in 799 MMA fights to see what were the best takedowns for mixed martial arts (MMA). The top was the double leg takedown. It accounted for 37.4 percent of all takedowns recorded.

You can drill the technique on your own which will speed up the entry and execution of the movement (check out the video at the bottom of the page to see the drill).

Focus on each element of the movement:

- Drop Step/Level Change Get as low as you can as you take a step with your lead foot, keeping your weight even on both feet.

- Penetration Push of both feet to get as far forward as possible to your front knee without leaning forward. Keep your head over your hips.

- Step Up Use the momentum of the penetration to bring your rear leg up in to a strong driving/pushing position.

- Drive Push of the rear leg to drive your opponent on a 45 degree angle to run him to the mat.

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